Continual Perpetual Movement!

I'm happy!
and so are my co-workers...

The hard work is paying off!
The networking is reaping rewards!
The perseverance is now justified!
Kingdom Love gently shuffles about!
Prayers are being answered!

We are seeing so much continual perpetual movement at the moment; our people are getting housed at a steady and consistent pace. Hope is resonating throughout Uptown's homeless community. Many doors are opening, so I don't think it's wrong to celebrate this surprising success, because recently we've seen....
 3 homeless men got their keys today; they are now.....
"homeless no more!"
5 homeless men signed their leases this week; they are now....
"homeless no more!"

Do you know how much hope this gives to homeless people who are often living with little or no hope?
Do you know that these stories of successful movement restore people's faith in humanity and God?

Do you know that when a fragile homeless person finds a home, love is not just seen, but also actualized?

These simple stories of hope, faith and love are numerous! It is truly an honor to witness these wonderful human beings sign leases, get keys and move into their own apartments. Each and every one of these people have their own tales of homelessness to tell; some suffer with crippling mental illnesses, some with all-consuming addictions, some live with an inability to read or write, while some of these fellas have lived for decades on the streets, in shelters and have rotated in and out of jails, while a couple of them only graced our shelter briefly and didn't have those same powerful struggles capturing them! Each individual's story is vastly different; they're traveling down their own paths and attempting to arrive at their own goals. 

Yet; this isn't just a story about how my co-workers and I (at Cornerstone) have engineered continual perpetual movement amongst our people in Uptown! No, it's far deeper than that, or us! We definitely played a role, but all this successful movement came about through networking and forming relationships with other outreach workers and agencies, knowing who's who in our homeless community and truly loving the "least of these", despite all the obstacles that will constantly stand before us. It's about knowing each individual, the story they're living and working out how to play a role in making their goals become reality.

This continual perpetual movement, of 20 homeless men in just over 2 months, should cause us to celebrate and provide us with so much hope! Why? because Uptown is full of loving compassionate people, who have been willing and dedicated in assisting some of our weakest and poorest citizens. When someone truly looks, they'll witness an absolutely beautiful love radiating in Uptown, because there are so many good-hearted folk willing to sacrifice for the sake of people who are unable give back in return! 

Isn't that what the Gospel all about? 
and that's one thing I love about my neighborhood....

this continual perpetual movement of homeless people successfully moving into permanent housing is living proof that our "least of these" have been given new hope and a fresh start! I'm proud to be part of this movement, because faith, hope and love has and is saturating the homeless community in Uptown! May it continue.....

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