"The Midnight Taxi and the Christian Life" (A BridgeBox Devotional)

For a while now I've been involved with a ministry on Chicago's West Side; it's called The Bridge. They work primarily with men and women who have "come home" from prison and often struggle with the ongoing plights of poverty, homelessness, addiction and mental illness. 

The catchphrase on their website is: 
from the streets 
to the Bridge
to the church

The wonderful people who run it have asked me to come to their Tuesday night services and preach about once a month about a specific topic or question; we also collaborate together to help meet some of their needs. I go into more detail about their ministry on this page: The Bridge: Messages (you'll also find the sermons I wrote and delivered)

Recently they asked me to be involved with another aspect of their ministry; it's called BridgeBox; an online Church service. Every month, they pick a specific topic and use multimedia to bring sermons, music, bible studies and devotionals to those wanting to be challenged in their Christian walk. They asked me to write September's devotional.

This month's topic is: What Do I Need For A Healthy Christian Life? and here is the devotional I wrote....

The Midnight Taxi and the Christian Life (scribd version).

The Midnight Taxi and the Christian Life (evernote version).

Finally: if you're interested in receiving their monthly BridgeBox services about a variety of topics, the cost is only $8.00 a month. That donation helps support a wonderful group of people who are bringing the gospel and a "whole lot of Kingdom Love" to the "Least of These" in Chicago and around the world. 
If you are interested in checking out and supporting their ministry, please click the following link: bridgebox  (this website also explains in greater detail what they do at The Bridge and has past editions of BridgeBox that you can check out)
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