Birthday Tears.

I wandered into the guys office and was met by a grey-haired elderly gentleman. Even though he's not staying with us at the moment, I believe he's still homeless and had resided with us before. He'd come to pick up his mail.  

This scenario isn't unusual, but today, I was struck by the power of not feeling forgotten. I was struck by the importance of being remembered! I was struck by the need to feel loved! 

This elderly man was crying. He wasn't sad, he was crying with happiness. Tears were rolling down his street-worn cheeks, he was grinning ear to ear, and he kept on shaking our hands and saying "thank you, thank you, I love you guys, you make me feel special!"

What did we do? We just handed him a birthday card and a wrapped gift that was made especially for him. He opened it before us, and a floodgate of emotions opened as well. He told us how depressed and rejected he felt that morning, and how this gift changed his whole demeanor and had resurrected hope within him.

A few months ago, my friend Carol had decided to remember these homeless men on their birthdays. She wraps up a small gift and writes a loving card, she hands them to the case-managers, who in turn, give them to the guys. 

Today, when I stepped into that office, I was once again reminded of how lonely people crave for love, and how small acts of kindness can be so powerful. I was privileged to witness the impact of remembering rejected individuals in our neighborhoods. I was privileged to witness God's mysterious loving Kingdom in action, as it touched a depressed man, just when he needed to know he wasn't forgotten! 

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