An Eclectic Month

“The Gospel takes away our right forever, to discriminate between the deserving and the undeserving poor.” 

these photos illustrate a little of our past month.....  
Life, death, triumph, and pain: it's all part of our journey.....

The Uptown community is one where we support and lift each other up!
I've had the honor of preaching at The Bridge twice and Cook County Jail 3 times.

Rest In Peace Kelly! 

the sign says it all! this was taken after Tent City moved from under the viaducts 

congratulations Brian! from homeless (CCO) to housed. 

congratulations Abdul and Paula! from homeless (Tent City) to housed. 

Muriwai blessed her buddy Bobby with some homemade cookies on his birthday. Bobby also went from homeless to housed during this past month.

It was great to bump into Marvin one Monday evening. He used to stay at CCO, he's now been housed for about 9 years. He was so grateful of Cornerstone and the help he got. Always good to hear!
A MLK quote on one of the tents....
The kids and I went on the GCFD hunger walk, along with thousands of others. The GCFD helps provide CCO with food, each person who walked helped their organization get 214 pounds of food for free. 
Rest in Peace Phelps - an Uptown regular who often came to CCO

"Housing is a Human Right", "Stop Harassing the Homeless" - a scene from the Uptown Tent City eviction.
Congratulations Jimmy! Another successful move from homeless to housed! yay 
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