IT IS COLD ......

Father God,

As I look out my window and see the bitter cold of this snowy January ...........

I started this, yet did not finish it, and I can't remember what I was going to write (or pray).
So on february 10, 2008 I write ..... Today, it is a bitterly cold Chicago day

This winter has had some bitterly cold nights and days. Times where homeless people are in grave danger of frost bite, hypothemia and death. My prayer goes up and I marvel at the innovation of how the poor survive. Under 9 blankets with a hole to breathe, 3 coats on, stacked socks and a dangerous fire close by, they manage to take a bite off the danger. Two men ride the El trains all night - they are warm, one watches and guards while the other sleeps until they arrive at 95th St, they get off and exchange places on the next train. Four people huddle and cuddle together on a loading dock using each other bodies to gather some warmth. The terrifying stories of survival coupled with the compassion the Lord has for the Least of these echoes of the extreme mercy and love our Heavenly Father has! They beg for His mercy as the penitent sinner begged for mercy in the gospels. The Lord wishes we all came to Him with such humility - but the poor find it so much easier.

Us with "stuff" can run to the comfort of our homes, heaters, blankets, showers, clean warm clothes, dry socks, holeless shoes, cash, toilets, warm comforting food, cars, our safe and secure environment and our hot chocolate.

The question is: Why should we pray when we have all the solutions?

Whose prayer does He hear?
May we All pray with the humility and weakness of the Poverty Stricken.
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