Magical Wai-Wai

this is the second story written in 2008 about our adventures in Chicago with our 2 wonderful children; Cyrus and Muriwai.

Muriwai, Cyrus and myself went to a local playground with another father and his 3 boys.

At one point, Cyrus (5), O'Neill (5) and Muriwai (3) all climbed (or I lifted them) onto the swinging tire. I was pushing them and spinning them around, and they were all laughing and enjoying their time together.

WaiWai had her "special arm" hooked around the chain with an inch to spare and held the other with her right hand. The control and strength she has always astounds me. As they were laughing and joking together she would often release her right hand and poke her brother or O'Neill in the nose with a squeal of delight. They would beg me to push them higher and faster. Nervously, I'd position myself behind my daughter as she was frequently letting the chain go and loving every minute of this experience with the big boys!

I wish I had brought our video camera for the next scene; it was cuteness personified! They started singing songs together. WaiWai would sling her head back and bellow out the lyrics with the boys, when finished, they would start another school song and off they would go. The well would run dry and I would suggest another song. Finally, I suggested "my God is so big", the tire was moving at a rapid velocity and Muriwai was blurting out the lyrics with gusto. With greater confidence than I, she was also doing the actions; throwing out her right arm and flexing her muscles, making a shape like a valley and mountain and lifting her fingers while making them tinkle like stars. I quickly followed my spinning daughter with outstretched arms, praying that she would not fall - but I quickly realized the faith that she has in her "special arm" is far greater than the faith that I could muster!
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