My Amazing Tamahine!

This is the third story that was previously written; this is from december 2007, Cyrus was 4 and Muriwai was 2. Tamahine means daughter in Maori...

Muriwai continues to amaze me - every day.

Born with only her right hand - her left arm stopping just beyond her elbow. We call it her "special arm", she holds it out to people and tells them "kiss it - my special arm!"

She has a determination that embarrasses me frequently. Embarrasses me in the way that I wish I had the confidence and determination to try things that seem troubling, difficult or impossible. Combined with an extensively rigorous stubbornness, she fights, claws and struggles to do what she determines she needs to do!!!

Muriwai has this determination and a seemingly endless supply of energy, together with a beautiful loving personality where she desires hugs and kisses. She also wants to help those in need, or those who think they need help - like her big brobro! Yelling "I'll get it", she runs and lugs something most 2 year old boys or girls couldn't handle, often offended when someone wants to help her. It makes her smile as she struggles, huffing and puffing, up the hallway with an enormous object. Of course, this delights me to see her so delighted.

This is a quick and succinct summary of one quality of my amazing, beautiful, loving, determined little tamahine and I feel, as a 2 year old, she is a wonderful example!
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