Helping the Homeless in Uptown Chicago: Cornerstone Community Outreach!

Here are 3 different videos showing the good work CCO does in Uptown Chicago -
Check out Manifest Media: they made and produced these videos and their website has a few more....
Also check out CCO's website
  • working with homeless people
  • advocating for homeless people
  • supporting homeless people
  • loving and showing compassion for homeless people
This first video is an overview of the work CCO does...
"Cornerstone Community Outreach has served Chicago's homeless population for over 20 years. This short documentary reflects the work of CCO through the experiences of shelter staff and residents."

    cco - cornerstone community outreach from manifestmedia on Vimeo.

    This video shows our playground, and the need for help to make it more usable and suitable for the children

    Kaboom CCO Playground from manifestmedia on Vimeo.

    Patrick “Paddy” Mc Cormack is running 240 miles in 8 days. Why? There are over 80,000 homeless in Chicago. Half of those are families, and over 28,000 are homeless children. His goal is to increase awareness about the needs of the homeless, and to raise support on behalf of Cornerstone Community Outreach.

    strive 4 more from manifestmedia on Vimeo.

    Here's another video; this time from Chicago HOPES, featuring some of our very talented children and their amazing artwork:

    Finally: I'm adding a video of Glenn Kaiser recording "Street Talk" from his new Album Cardboard Box; A majority of the proceeds go to Cornerstone Community Outreach....

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