Some Good Friday Thoughts!

Why was Jesus crucified?

Jesus was brutally murdered because he lived and proclaimed his kingdom's lifestyle. He simply obeyed Abba Father! His words and deeds challenged the power, ideals and authority of the religious and political kingdoms (or systems).

Jesus proclaimed more than an individualized egotistical repentance that guaranteed heaven, his kingdom cried out "subversive revolution"; light shone, salt preserved and love set captives free. This new Kingdom blessed the poor, meek, hungry and the pure in heart; it blessed those weeping, seeking peace and being persecuted; yet it also cried woe, woe, woe to the rich, the full, the laughing and the popular.

Grace, oh wonderful beautiful grace - will we ever truly understand it!

The Roman and Jewish empires cowered before and feared his theology of love, weakness, equality and submission; as a result they reacted with unjustified violence! Yet, the cry for repentance and the light of Jesus shone brighter than ever.

The life, death and resurrection of Jesus shouted forth "Eternal Love"; Let us live the ethics of the year of jubilee, by breaking the chains of bondage and releasing those in captivity, forgiving and loving even our enemies and bringing heaven to earth.
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