Violence and Retaliation in the Name of Peace!

Osama Obama
Painting legacies that promote an endless cycle of violence begetting violence

Osama Obama
Picturing the reality of how "one who lives by the sword, dies by the sword"

Osama Obama
Perpetuating a psychology of hatred, revenge and retaliation in the name of justice
... and ironically

Hate leading to more hate
Revenge leading to more revenge
Retribution leading to more retribution
Retaliation leading to more retaliation
Terrorism leading to more terrorism
War leading to more war
Violence loving violence
becoming so contagious
becoming so addictive
becoming the only answer
and the endless cycle of doom and destruction continues.....

Into an environment of
violent chaos
dominating dictators
ceaseless propaganda
the Man of Peace came
Surrendering all power
humbly fragile
poverty stricken
He came
as a new born baby

By bringing heaven to earth
He inaugurated a new kingdom
By living the Gospel of Peace
He transformed the propaganda
Revolutionizing the culture
Changing the rules of vengeance
Retribution submitted to forgiveness
Retaliation transposed into grace
Hatred spun into compassionate love

The Peaceful Revolutionist
the Son of the All powerful God
never chose the path of violence
but submitted to the world powers
of religious thugs and greedy dictators
who savagely crucified Innocence
Legions of angels patiently waited
resisting all urges to bombard
and conquer the oppressive bullies
all power was theirs available
powerlessness was the chosen way

A murderous rebel was freed
Nominated to be released
Barabbas a first century terrorist
hating the dominating powers that be
force & brutality in the name of peace
Failing to overcome the foreign Empire
By show of hands and chants
Urged on by first century lobbyists
The brutal cross was opened up
for the Man of Peace to suffer
causing death to have no sting
triumphantly conquering the grave
and all violent tendencies

Obama Osama
Our Caesar Our Barabbas
Continuing the cycle
Listening to the masses
Obeying the lobbyists
of Scribes and Pharisees
Tightening propaganda's grip
Ignoring our Peaceful Lord
The victorious slaughtered Lamb
Who conquered and gave us
Peaceful alternatives

The Man of Peace
Defeated violence
Bore the sword in His side
Allowing His children to choose
We must choose
His kingdom
His narrow road
His way
Of powerlessness
Of perseverance
Of weakness
Of courage
Of submission
Of freedom
Of non violence
Of Revolutionary Love
Of peaceful revolution

I weep over
Our glorification of violence
Rather than pursuing peace

I weep over
Our addiction to incarcerate
While ignoring prevention plans

I weep over
Our elaborate military budget
That ignores homeless veterans

I weep over
Our endless spending on guns, rifles, tanks, fighter planes and drones
While millions are still without healthcare, homes, education, employment and food

I weep over
Our pursuit of money, power and dominance
Leaving the powerless, voiceless and "least of these" struggling to find a future

I weep over
How we've distorted the words of Jesus to satisfy our love of violent gain
By implying "blessed are the peacemakers" requires the sacred gun

I weep over
How the Gospel of Peace
Has lost
it's radical
it's revolutionary
Steeped in a love
The Love
that chose

I rejoice over
Resurrection's reality
The Man of Peace
conquered mortality
Rising victoriously
Raising His Kingdom dwellers
United in Peace
Defeating All Death
Defeating All Hatred
Defeating All Violence

In the Name of Revolutionary Love!
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