Defying The Odds: some outstanding accomplishments!

Over the years, we have been privileged to witness many wonderful people defy the odds. They came to Cornerstone, once living on the street and without an income. These people are, deemed by many, as hopeless or "without hope", yet they defied the odds and accomplished the unthinkable; they managed to overcome adversity, get an income and are now living in an apartment. 

This may be not seem like an outstanding accomplishment, because housing should be every human's basic right. But to some, simply moving from chronic homelessness to housed is an amazingly difficult struggle. They need to be honored for all their effort and dedication, yet it also takes a combination of numerous factors, agencies and people, networking together for the same person. We, at Cornerstone, have been privileged to play a role in helping them accomplish their goals.

Here's a Link to our "Successful Movement" photo album on Cornerstone's Facebook page: Successful Movement.....

Here are a few photos of some of these wonderful people who have defied the odds:

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