5 City Blocks of Hope!

What a blessing!
What an honour!
What a privilege!

This morning I walked for about 5 minutes...
covered 5 city blocks in good old Uptown....
and shook the hands of 5 different fellas..

All 5 of them were once deemed "chronically homeless"; now all 5 of them are permanently housed.

I am left smiling because of one simple fact: each of these fellas have risen out of the "pit of hopelessness" into the "cradle of hopefulness".

These 5 men's stories are all humbling to me, because I am blessed, honoured and privileged to have been able to play different roles in each of their remarkable transformations!

All this to say: these 5 men give only a small glimpse into how Uptown is filled with miraculous stories of never-ending hope, a networking community and revolutionary love for the "least of these."

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