Happy 11th Birthday to Our Miracle Girl

Updated.... to reflect 2016!

11 years ago we feared what might be. In anticipation, we waited to see the daughter we loved so much. Months earlier, through modern technology, Muriwai had entered our world with great vigor, revealing to us that her left arm was shorter and she did not have a hand. The level 2 ultrasound had caused Beth and I to weep, and yet to love her ever so deeply. We prayed! We fasted! We waited in eager anticipation and fear! We tried to cope with the unknown!

11 years ago we feared as the doctors took precautions and were ready to operate, "if needed". She came with vigor and vim, the doctors left unneeded and we marveled at our beautiful little girl with her functioning "special arm". Our anticipated little girl had arrived. We thanked God we could hold her, love her and cherish her. Tears flowed from our eyes as we now coped with the known!

11 years ago we feared the life threatening seizures that possessed our little one. Helplessly she'd shake and go blue. We prayed. Our families prayed. Jesus People prayed. Homeless folk prayed. Kiwi friends prayed.  They gathered, embraced and supported us, as our newborn 9 pound girl lay hooked up to countless wires. Her little helpless body was drained of blood and endlessly tested. Her strength was ever present as we tried to cope again with the unknown!

11 years ago we feared her death, but life continued to rise. In our discomfort, comfort came. In our helplessness, help arrived. In our weakness, He gave us strength. In our fear, He gave us courage. In our hopelessness, He gave us Hope. God showered us with Love and we bathed in it. The future was unknown, but God made things known and we coped in this "known, unknown" tension.

11 years have now vanished. Before us is a beautiful little girl with astounding strength, who was weaned off the highly addictive anti-seizure medication. She fought through awful withdrawals and she continues to overcome every obstacle with a smile and determination; whether it's shooting a bow and arrow, taking her ballet lessons or chilling in a local playground and being surrounded by masses of kids wanting to touch her "special arm". Muriwai is our loving compassionate girl who endlessly wants to help and lift up the weak and the less fortunate.

One thing I do know; I weep joyfully when I reflect on her story and can hear her determined voice confidently saying, "I can do it myself!"

Sweetie; happy 11th birthday, keep blessing and loving those who surround you. Mummy, Cyrus and I love you dearly.

Here's a story I wrote about Muriwai's compassion: my-compassionate-little-girl

Here's another story about Muriwai and her desire to help other people: Plastic Bags, Homeless Veterans and My Sweet Lil' Wonderwoman

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