A Senior Moment.

Today, I walked into the office and saw one of our caseworkers sitting with and assisting 2 elderly gentlemen experiencing homelessness. Their combined ages are a staggering 160 years. One is a Korean War veteran who's 83 and the other guy is a hardworking 77 year old.

Such an image causes me grief, yet at the same time, this images makes me smile! 

I grieve, because no senior citizen should ever have to be homeless, especially in a nation that has so much affluence. I smile, because I watch and see how these 2 are compassionately getting their needs met.

I grieve, because these guys are just 2 of far too many men and women over 60 walking into our place, homeless and seeking assistance. I smile, because I know these 2 fellas are in capable hands and the work being done today will eventually lead to them proudly holding up keys to a new apartment.

I grieve, because of society's injustice, neglect and cruelty to the "least of these". I smile, because we have the opportunity to reverse that and bring love, compassion and respect into their worlds.

As I leave the office, I see both men smiling and thankful. They are hopeful, I am hopeful. I pray for these 2 elderly gentlemen, knowing they've been touched by our Merciful God, who hasn't forgotten or neglected them!

Pray for these 2, as they travel on their journeys from homeless to housed. Today, they both got their ID's, which will open up new opportunities for both of them.

UPDATE: New opportunities came quickly! A day after the 83 year old got his ID, he was taken to Social Security by the same caseworker, who helped to secure him benefits; we can celebrate, because now, this Korean War veteran will have an income..... Yay. 

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